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Pick out the one-of-a-kind, ethically sourced, rough diamond ring of your choice, knowing that American Woodie  either mined it himself or he bought it from local artisinal miners deep in "the Bush" of Sierra Leone. Don't see what you like? Then make a custom order with American Woodie to fit your need.

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Now Give Back

Our hands-on program allows customers to actually interact and track humanitarian efforts initiated by their purchases. You give the money back to any number of our programs as you see fit. Wanna do more, we have the ability to help you do that also.

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American Woodie's Main Message

The new trend for almost all diamond and jewelry companies, now-a-days, is to claim they are ETHICALLY sourcing diamonds... but are they? How do they know? How can a discerning consumer verify this? And are they helping the indigenous peoples?

We are the disruptive diamond company of the world, the FIRST and ONLY e-commerce and jewelry store that will provide video, pictures, and GPS for each diamond American Woodie mines or buys in the deep bush of Sierra Leone and then allow customers to actually interact and track humanitarian efforts initiated by their purchases.

Our goal is for consumers to be able to follow the story, from beginning to finish, so they will get to place the order, see who mined their diamond, and experience how their purchase has positively impacted a village in Sierra Leone. We strive for complete disclosure about the operations and the origin of the diamonds. Radical transparency and the most beautiful rough diamond jewelry available.

Obviously, we believe that the main reason for the existence of any business is to make a profit. Nevertheless, there is no reason why making a profit should interfere with radical transparency. We believe that transparency equals trust, repeat customers and the opportunity to generate more profits.

American Woodie's plan is to use profits from diamond sales to fund diamond tourism development, build schools, build clinics, provide fresh water, eradicate malaria, and to send every kid in his village to university free.

For more than six years, Woodie Butler (from Little Rock, Arkansas) has lived and ethically mined diamonds in the most remote villages in Sierra Leone. Lovingly called “AMERICAN WOODIE”, but to his Chiefdom, he is simply the adopted son of the Paramount Chief and father to Diamond Butler.

Through American Woodie's relationships and network of miners in "the Bush", he is able to source diamonds from the direct source, which would take many years to duplicate. Now he has embarked on a project to take these rough diamonds direct to consumers in a rough diamond jewelry line. 

American Woodie is also developing an exciting television series that will help dispel some of the horrible perceptions about West Africa exasperated by the movie 'Blood Diamond", the horrible Ebola outbreak, and the media, as well as shattering racial and religious stereotypes, though the sharing of his unique and heart-warming story of a wild, Christian American, who found his place on earth, in a Muslim village deep in the heart of Africa.

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